We Invest in Our Partners

At 680 Partners, we take the ‘Partner’ part of our name very seriously. Whether it be direct investments, equity for services rendered, or helping departing employees find liquidity for stock options, the 680 Partners Co-investment Fund is committed to supporting your ventures. Our goal is to build mutually-beneficial partnerships that enhance employee loyalty and preserve upside potential.

Equity for Services

680 Partners is willing to entertain service-for-equity exchanges as a portion (or at times in lieu of) of our fees.

Departing Employees

680 Partners enables current and departing employees of venture-backed companies to exercise their stock options. We leverage our extensive network to help employees find the liquidity to exercise their options and benefit from stock gains.

Direct Investments

680 Partners believes in supporting our clients’ success. At times, this includes becoming direct investors in your ventures.

Our Investments Include